Restore Data from Formatted xD Card

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have unintentionally formatted your xD card. When you realized how serious mistake you have made, your heart sank and shattered as the command can’t be retrieved. Want to recover data from formatted xD card? If so, then here comes powerful memory card file recovery software, which successfully helps you to get data back from formatted xD card within minutes.

xD – Picture Card reduced as xD Card is taken from “Extreme Digital”, one of the most popularly used flash memory card format in older digital cameras. It is a new type of storage card developed by Olympus and Fujifilm. Its popularity increased due to its mini size, light weight and other assorted appropriate features. It has the ability to store maximum 8GB of data. It provides you both high transfer speeds and a high capacity required to meet the modern technology demands. It can be used to store data such as pictures, videos, music files, etc. and compared to other flash memory cards, it is more economical as it satisfies large amount of data write-in and save on battery life. Though incorporated with eye-catching features, at times you may accidentally or intentionally format your xD card. This in turn leads to deletion or loss of your precious data. But as mentioned before, you can easily perform formatted xD card data retrieval process using memory card file recovery software. This software performs formatted xD card data recovery and restores all lost data within a minimum amount of time .

Reasons for formatting xD memory card:

  • The data stored in the xD card gets formatted when it is affected by the virus. Because, virus are very harmful program that will automatically take access without user’s knowledge. In order to gain access to the xD, most of them format their xD cards and end up losing all their vital data. However, you can retrieve data from formatted xD card with ease by using memory card file recovery tool.
  • Unknowingly pressing “Format” option instead of "Eject" button will format your xD memory card, which in turn results in data loss.
  • Sometimes, due to errors with the file system of memory card, computer asks you to format it. In such circumstance, if the user don’t have suitable backup of data stored on memory card, then chances of data loss is pretty more. But, with the aid of memory card file recovery app, you can recover data from formatted xD card in few mouse clicks

Possibility of data recovery after formatting xD card:

After formatting of xD card, it is very much important to retrieve data from formatted xD card. But, the question is how is it possible to restore data from formatted xD card? Well, after performing format operation on xD card, make sure that no new data is stored on the xD card because all the original data will be still present in the memory card. If you do so, the data will be overwritten, which in turn causes complete data loss. But in the event you have not used your xD memory card, then still there are great chances to recover data from formatted xD card by using suitable recovery software. Among several recovery apps as mentioned, memory card file recovery tool comes handy in performing formatted xD card data recovery process. Other than xD card, it can recover deleted files from Memory Stick with great ease and accuracy.

Key features of memory card file recovery software:

  • Retrieves all file types like pictures, music, videos, documents and many more from xD card as it supports recovery of more than 300 file types.
  • It supports not only formatted xD card data recovery, but also supports data recovery from all other types of flash memory cards like SD, CF, MMC, etc.
  • Software is facilitated with built-in scanning algorithm that will deeply scan the formatted xD card and search for any type of data and then using its unique file extension helps to restore data back to the memory card.
  • This recovery tool is free from virus and is 100 % secure to install the software and restore data from formatted xD card.
  • Demo version of the software is also available that allows you to scan and preview the images formatted from the memory card before recovery.
  • In addition to formatting, memory card file recovery software can also be used to recover files from corrupted memory card.
  • It is compatible to recover data from formatted xD card on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.
  • Adding to Windows OS, the software has potential to restore lost or deleted data on Mac OS X based computers and laptops.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Remove xD cards slowly and safely when connected to your computer.
  • Don’t unplug the xD card without using safe ejection option from your computer.
  • Keep updating antivirus software to avoid virus and malware attack which affects memory card and other storage devices
  • Switch off the camera before removing memory card.
  • Steps to perform formatted xD card data recovery:

    Step 1: Connect xD Card to your computer with the help of a Card Reader. Download and Install the demo version of the software and run the software. From the main screen, select “Recover Drives” option and then from the next screen select “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option to recover data from formatted xD card.

    Recover Data from Formatted xD Card - Main Window

    Figure 1: Main Window

    Step 2: Now, the software scans and displays a list of logical drives. Choose the particular xD card drive from which you need to recover files and click on “Next” button.

    Recover Data from Formatted xD Card - Select xD Card Drive

    Figure 2: Select xD card

    Step 3: Once the scanning process is completed, you can view the recovered files using “Preview” option and then “Save” the recovered files to your desired location on computer.

    Recover Data from Formatted xD Card - Preview Screen

    Figure 3: Preview Screen


    For Leopard (10.5) and
    Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

    For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
    Mavericks and Yosemite(10.10) Users